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What rainbows reside within you?

Do you remember the first time you saw a rainbow? I don't remember the very first one I saw, but I remember the first time I realized how very magical rainbows are. When I was very young, we briefly lived in Kona. It is where my most vibrant early memories come from, and where I first fell in love with the ocean and explored the world that lies beneath the surface. Rainbows and Hawaii go hand-in-hand, so it was not uncommon to see a burst of color splashed across the sky, sometimes daily. Tourists visiting the island would stop in their tracks to witness the phenomenon, using shot after shot of their precious camera film to try and capture the beauty before them. It was one of these tourists that made me really take notice: her face turned to the sky, eyes bright, jumping up and down, and joyfully announcing to her family that "look!" there was a rainbow! She was so excited, so full of pleasure, so in the moment. It was a lesson in truly being with the world around us, and it stuck with me; there is never a time where I see a rainbow and am not reminded of it. This stranger showed me how special rainbows are, and I have never not seen them that way since then. Which begs the question: what other miracles might be right before our eyes, or within ourselves, that we have not yet learned to see for the magic that they truly are? Whether you know it yet or not, there are gifts and superpowers that you are carrying within yourself that are vibrant and glorious as a rainbow. Connecting to them and bringing them into the light can take time, self-care, self-appreciation, and acknowledgement.

So ask yourself: what rainbows within you are just waiting to get out and shine for the world to see?

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