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It's true: you are lovely.

So many shapes, colors and sizes, and every single one a masterpiece 💙

As we enter the new year, I admit that I dread the inevitable “New Year, New You” posts that are bound to start appearing: - “Before” shots of beautiful women (yes, I mean you), stating that who they are now is not enough, or is too much, or is just not right. - Daily accounts of what was consumed, not consumed, withheld, agonized over, eaten guiltily, eaten shamefully, eaten stoically. - Promises and claims that this or that trademarked system is the right way to eat, move, look, be. The whole thing makes me ache all over. So much of the “New Year, New You” mentality is focused on celebrating withholding and so little is about loving ourselves. And if we don’t really love ourselves, no amount of physical molding is going to change that. So instead of posting disapproving “before” images, let’s all post celebratory “now” portraits, and let the world appreciate us just as we are. Instead of dieting, let’s create relationships with food that make every meal, snack and treat an act of self-care and self-appreciation, no guilt allowed. And let’s let go of looking outside of ourselves for manuals on how to exist in our bodies; the answers we seek are almost always within, so let’s start there. Have a joyful, loving resolution that you would like to share? Please send it to me, I would love to hear it!

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