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A Simple "Letting Go" Ceremony

What are you ready to no longer carry?

Are there fears, resentments, limitations, etc. that you are holding with you that feel heavy and are keeping you from living the life you are called towards?

On this last day of 2019, I am going to share with you a simple and sweet "letting go" ceremony that I utilize in my workshops and my life. I want to be clear: performing this ceremony does not magically wipe away all frustrations, fears, resentments, etc. There is no magic eraser for our shadows unfortunately: true release takes work.

What this ceremony does do is help you to clarify and state for yourself and the universe what you are ready to release moving into the new year, helping to bring light and awareness to these areas and making room for the work to begin.

For this ceremony you will need plain paper, a non-toxic pen you enjoy writing with, and a mason jar or container.

Step 1: Write your letting go statements - For every thing you are ready to release (whatever feels heavy in your life that is no longer serving you), you will write down what specifically you are letting go of, why it is no longer serving you, and then say goodbye to it. For example: "I am letting go of fear around my business. It is no longer serving me because it holds me back from taking leaps that are necessary to my business growth, and it makes me feel frozen and confused about how to move forward with projects, which ultimately leads to their failure. I am ready to trust that my business is valuable and worthy of growth, and do not need fear around this to keep me safe any longer. Goodbye fear around my business." Repeat this for every item you are letting go of.

Step 2: Release it from your body - When you have completed your letter, take a deep belly breath, take your paper in both hands and, using your exhale to feel the release of the heavy energy from your body, tear your letting go statement down the middle. Repeat this act with the pieces a few times (or a hundred, you do you).

Step 3: Release it into the universe - You have some options here. If you have a fireplace that you can SAFELY burn paper in, then you can burn the remnants of your statement papers (if you are doing this, only tear it once or twice in step 2). Option two is to take your paper and continue tearing it into very tiny pieces, placing these in a water-tight jar or container. Fill the jar with water to the top and allow the ink to begin pulling away from the paper into the cleansing water. You can stop here and keep this jar for a bit as a reminder of what you have decided to release, or you can take the water and paper mixture and pour it out/bury it in your garden, allowing it to become part of the earth and future growth. Or, if your plumbing is good and can take it, you can literally flush that shit away. Note: some statements take more than one flush, be careful with your plumbing!

That's it! This is a ceremony you can return to anytime you want to refocus your attention on what is in need of clearing or are feeling a little stuck and weighed down. There is no wrong way to do it, so make the practice your own in whatever ways you feel called.

Happy New Year, lovelies!

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