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Nourish. Honor. Play. ®

Real self-care is not about escaping our lives.
It is about living lives that authentically reflect and feed who you are and why you are here,
and creating a relationship with yourself that is so lovingly supportive that is rivals all others.

These signature workshops offer a dedicated time to explore the self and work on self-care and self-appreciation practices, in a 1:1 or supportive group setting. 

Nourish. Honor. Play.®
A Whole Being Self-Care Workshop Series- 4-session private or group workshop

In this four session workshop, we will dive into the 3 keys to real self-care (Nourish, Honor and Play), exploring in-depth what self-care currently looks like in each area of your life. Each week, we will incorporate new practices into your daily and weekly routine that meet the needs of your whole being (mind, body and spirit) and deepen your understanding of self, all while finding more space for joyful experience. You will leave this series with the tools to write your own personal self-care recipe so that your own cup never runs dry.  

Finding the Joy in Food and Eating - workshop

The world of food is so vast and abundant, and yet our relationship to it can often feel uncomfortable, unclear and overwhelming. In this workshop, we will explore the stories we carry around food and eating, discover ways of nourishing our individual selves that leave us feeling joyfully full (mind, body and spirit), and identify ways to bring play into the kitchen.

This is NOT a diet workshop or a class on how to lose weight. Instead, we will be focusing on how to create a more loving relationship with food and ourselves, so we can more confidently feed our bodies in ways that leave us feeling strong and satiated.

Be Here -
Loving Our Bodies, Even When We Don't Yet Know How - workshop

Loving our selves and our bodies can feel so much easier said than done. Now is a beautiful time to shed some of the stories we carry about our physical forms and learn to truly revel in the skin we are in. Join us as we explore:

  • how to step more fully into your skin through movement, touch and self-bodywork

  • the joy in feeding your body both colorfully and decadently

  • shifting our thought patterns so that we recognize and witness more of the beauty within ourselves and the world around us

  • finding a daily body-focused practice that we can commit to and don't hate

Returning Within
A Restorative Yoga and Journaling Exploration - workshop

Who else needs some more restoration with their manifestation?

In this two-hour workshop, we will utilize Restorative Yoga practices to help our sweet nervous systems rest, restore and reset. Then, from this beautifully centered space, we will use journaling prompts to help us write out and clarify our intentions, dreams and desires for the coming month.

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