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It all starts with the heart. ❤

What do you truly desire? To be? To do? To dedicate yourself to? What are you made of? What lights you up?

These questions can send many of us into a spiral of self-doubt and judgement, as the answers do not come immediately when we haven't been checking in with who we really are and what we need on a consistent basis. In order to know our desires, we need to know ourselves! So, how do we begin to tap into our truth and inner knowing?

When we focus our open attention on our heart space, we give ourselves permission to unwind and explore. Ask yourself: "What is here? What is loved? What could use more care? What wants to be seen?" And then do one of the hardest things for our culture to do: just sit and listen. No judgement about what comes up. No leading or storytelling about what you learn. Just open witnessing. Witness, acknowledge, express gratitude for the learning, repeat.

This practice is an incredible act of self-love and it can take as much or as little time as you have available each day. Keep this one in your pocket for 5-minute self-care windows and let that heart space speak!


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