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It can be a hard thing to come by when the novelty of what were once sweet, rainy days wears off and shifts into something more like gloom. At any time of year we can find ourselves struggling for motivation to move, but this season especially calls us towards hibernation and going within. Which is a beautiful action; we just need to find the balance so we do not get lost along the way at the detriment of our well being and our must-do lists. 

When I am feeling stuck on the couch and drawn to too much TV and inaction, or when my clients are expressing that they feel like they can't get started on what they need/desire to do, I suggest starting with a gentle movement routine to get flow back into the body and into our lives. 

Now this routine can take as long as you would like, but it only requires a few minutes.

Start at the top of the body and work your way down:

- Gentle neck rolls, moving with your breath.

- Shoulder rolls, rolling back for a few, then rolling forward for a few.

- Rib-cage circles. Isolate your rib-cage and move it forward, right, back, left, smoothing it out into a circle for a few rotations. Then, reverse the other way.

- Hip circles. Same plan as the rib-cage. 

- Gentle squats. Don't freak out, we are just talking a few and notice I said "gentle". :-) 

Do 4-10 of these to get some flow into your legs, how far you squat and how long you hold it is up to you. 

- Wrist and Ankle Rolls, to round everything out. 

Finish this routine with a quick check in: does any part of your body need a little more attention? If so, do whatever movement your body is calling for.

Feel the energy you released with these movements flow through you and support you in taking on the day. With your breath, send yourself a wave of gratitude for taking this time for yourself, and remember that you can return to this short and simple routine any time you are feeling stuck. Whether you fit in a minute of movement or an hour, it counts! So, as always, be gentle and joyful with yourself.

If you have questions about these movements, or would like to further explore ways to build energy during the coming winter season, contact me to schedule a free discovery call.

Photo credit: @yung_pueblo

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