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Eat Your Greens!

"Eat your greens!"

It is a recommendation that pretty much everyone agrees on: those lively, dark greens are nutrient and fiber rich, deeply grounding, and available in abundance in some form throughout all four seasons. Still, many find these magical leaves difficult to consume, whether it is because they just find them unappetizing, are unsure of how to prepare them, or feel lost or confined in the kitchen. Green soup is a sweetly simple and playful way to prepare almost any leafy green, and it freezes beautifully if you are like me and enjoy having a freezer full of meals at your disposal.

Below is the recipe for today's green soup, but please find freedom within it to play in any way that calls you. More garlic? Sure! No onions? Okay! A different green? Absolutely! Make it your own. ❤

Ingredients: - Two bunches of kale, 1 bunch of rainbow chard. - 6 cloves garlic - 2 small onions - 3 cups bone broth (or veggie stock or more water) - water to lightly cover - herbs, spices, salt, pepper Chop the onions and garlic (size isn't important as you will blend everything in the end). Add these to the pot with a touch of water and water-saute until soft. Toss in everything else: greens, bone broth, any herbs and spices that call you. and enough water to just reach the top of the greens. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Let simmer until the greens are soft.

Blend everything together. Season with salt and pepper. Serve each bowl with a splash of apple cider vinegar or a squeeze of lemon.

Let me know below if you try this recipe out and, even better, please share any changes you tried to make it your own. ❤

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