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What is your superpower today?

When I was leaving to teach yoga yesterday, my husband said I looked like a superhero in my matching leggings and sweater. It got me to thinking about the superpowers we find within us as we navigate our day-to-day lives. These superpowers don't have to be as grand sounding as "invisibility" or "super strength". They can be as simple and beautiful as "kindness" or "patience", and still be powerfully affective. Yesterday, my superpower was "showing up". Showing up for myself, showing up for my students, showing up for my work, even when it felt hard, or intimidating, or when I was being pulled out of the present by the seemingly endless list of the next week's tasks. Just showing up is powerful magic, and yesterday I rocked it. 💥 So, tell me: what superpower are you calling upon on this fine Sunday?

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