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When I teach about Whole-Being self-care, Play is one of the three keys I stress with my clients. Play is more than just games and free time. It is also doing the things, those impossible things, that excite and terrify us. Taking the risks. Staying curious. Being bold. It took me years to learn to embrace that which scares me. Yet, when I started trying the things that made me nervous, or that I thought I wasn't yet capable of, my world opened up in ways I never imagined. Opportunities presented themselves, the people around me responded with support, and I stopped feeling scared all of the time. Suddenly anything was possible, I just had to give it a chance. That doesn't mean that I no longer get nervous. I still very much feel that twinge of anxiety when trying something new, or reaching for a new height. It is just that that feeling now let's me know that I may be on the path to something worthwhile, rather than stopping me in my tracks.

But I do always make a point to honor those moments of risk taking with a ceremony or mini celebration. Today I celebrate teaching another yoga class my way with a nervous-system supporting Golden Latte. Because there is nothing quite as sweet as snacks after playtime. ❤

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