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Nourishment It is a vital key to real self-care, yet it is the part that we so easily forget. We get too busy. We don't know what to eat. We have fears and wounds wrapped up in the idea of food from a lifetime of societal pressures. Yet, without proper nourishment, we are faded versions of ourselves. Paintings left out in the sun too long. We need rich, beautiful, freshly-made, nourishing meals to live in our brightest, most vibrant colors. And we need them regularly. So how do we move towards a more nourished life when we don't know where to begin? Start anywhere: * Take a class to learn how to cook a food you have always been curious about. And then repeat the recipes at home.

* Read Salt Fat Acid Heat. It has great tips to help free you up in the kitchen, and make you comfortable to cook anything.

* When you find a dish you like to make, make lots of it and freeze portions. It doesn't take much more effort, and it is so lovely to have home cooked food on hand when you are in need of an easy meal.

* Explore balance. Eat all of the colors. Pair a slice of buttery, savory pie with a larger portion of a salad of many vegetables and a lemony vinaigrette.

* See how foods make you feel. Did you feel a sense of heaviness the next day or did you have more energy?

* Play in the kitchen. Don't worry about perfection. And don't give up if the dish fails. It happens to all chefs!

Today, I am nourishing myself with my version of a green lentil dahl. It isn't one the prettiest of foods, until you have taken a bite, and then it is just the loveliest sight. ❤

Ingredients: - Green lentils

- Coconut water (left over from a can of coconut milk that I used the creme from for a dairy-free tart) - Turkey bone broth (cooked with reishi mushrooms, mehti leaf and kombu), could use vegetable stock or plain water instead - Ginger root - Curry leaf - Mustard seeds - Asafoetida - Love ❤ Simmered together until the lentils are soft and the room smells of spices.

What is nourishing you on this sweet Sunday?

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