Real self-care is not about escaping our lives.

It is about creating lives that authentically reflect and feed who we are and why we are here.

These workshops offer a dedicated time each week to explore the self and work on self-care and self-appreciation practices, in a 1:1 or supportive group setting. 

Nourish. Honor. Play.

A Whole Being Self-Care Workshop Series- 3-session private or group workshop

In this three session workshop, we will dive into the 3 keys to real self-care (Nourish, Honor and Play), explore in-depth what self-care currently looks like in each area of your life, incorporate new practices into your daily and weekly routine that meet the needs of your whole being (mind, body and spirit), and deepen your understanding of self, all while finding more space for joyful experience.


Chakra Journey to the Self - 8-session private or group workshop

In this 8-session workshop, you will explore all aspects of the self through the lens of the chakras. Each week, we will focus on a different chakra/area of the body and overall being, discovering more about the experiences and thought patterns that make up who we are, and incorporating new supportive practices to keep us moving in the direction of our heart's true path.

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