Honey Grace Lopez is a Transformational Coach specializing in Neuroscience & Consciousness Coaching, with an emphasis on Holistic Wellness and Self-Care. Her passion is guiding her clients to find the answers within so that they can walk their purpose-filled paths through self-discovery and self-appreciation.   

Wade in the Water

1 Session                    $125

During this 50-minute session, we will take a look at where the client is right now, explore what patterns they would like to shift, and possible pathways to reach their goals using neuroscience and consciousness coaching tools.  

Surface Swim

4 Sessions                    $475

This 4-session package is a great option for those that want to explore an area of their lives more thoroughly and begin to do the work to shift old patterns of thinking and behavior.

Deep Dive

12 Sessions                    $1200

This 12-session package is for those that are ready to dive in and dedicate themselves to doing the work that can bring lasting self-awareness and real change.

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